Save and Continue Editing Button Gone?

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    Hey you guys at word press. That was my favorite button. I could start a new post “save and continue editing and have the stuff stay infront of me and me not have to go find it again while I open a new tab(window) to see if my post looks ok. Can you guys put the button back. PLEASE?! I would really like it if you guys did. It was one thing that made better than the other places… So I ask, would you guys be willing to give me my favorite button back?

    A guy posted about it here and it looks like He was ignored. This is the new wordpress is bad… post.



    Hi! I’m using Firefox 2.0 and Windows XP and when I save a post I’m working on, it still shows up in front of me as if the old Save and Continue function were still there. Not sure if it’s version dependent. FYI…I did the cookie dance first (clear browser cache and cookies and then refresh) in case that has anything to do with it. Does that work for you?


    Save and continue editing is now Save. It has the same functionality. If you are writing a new post, or editing a draft, or one that has already been published, when you click save it saves the draft or edits and leaves the post you are working on up in the editor.



    Well that sure takes all the maybe out of my response. Thanks for clarifying that thesacredpath.


    You’re very welcome and happy blogging.



    tsp is right: your favorite button is still there. it’s called Save.


    Thanks :)

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