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    Please!!! Put back this button/feature!
    Since I moved the first steps in the PC world I have always been strongly recommended to Save as often as possible.. you never know and Murphy laws linger in the dark!
    But now, every time you Save you are sent to the post page: I think it is pretty silly!
    If there is a way to do that, let us know!
    I am not the first one taking this up but I could not find answers in the forums!



    Every time you save you’re sent to the post page? When did that start happening, because it’s the opposite of my experience since the change. I sit there, staring at the post for ages until I realize I have to click away from the Edit page.



    When re-editing a post already edit..
    it send you straight to the blog page.

    Otherwise, yes, it happens what you say.. and it is also annoying, respect to the “Save” button of the previous edition!


    You will be sent to the post page when you save only if you use the edit link on the post. If you go to edit a post off of manage > posts, you will stay on the edit page.



    >>>You will be sent to the post page when you save only if you use the edit link on the post.

    WordPress is getting screwier by the day.

    That behavior does *not* happen to me.

    Because of the ongoing Disappearing Categories issue, I’ve had to do post-Publish editing on every damned post today to insert the missing categories. In all the time I’ve been using 2.5, I’ve *never* been sent back to the published post. I get that stupid easy-to-miss notice to Continue Editing or Go Back.

    It is now beginning to seem like WordPress is exhibiting different behaviors for different people.

    Is this a browser issue? XP with Fox here.



    i realized that too!

    i have actually left another question directly for you in a post where you answer helping on the add media..

    The question is:

    A similar question, regarding problems with “Add media” window: the window, when it opens over the post page is always too low aligned, ie. the lower 2-3 lines of the window are actually under the end of IE7 limit, so that i cannot choose for example the alignement in pictures.

    I cannot find a support about this problem.
    Any ideas?

    Man, you’re good!!

    About the editing, I still think it is a bit silly to have removed the option to continue editing, even if I read somewhere else that the automatic backup/saving now is smarter.


    There isn’t yet a fix for the add media window being hidden. WordPress needs to work on that. Have you tried Firefox to see if it happens with it as well?

    You might want to at least temporarily download and install it and use it for working with WordPress till they get the IE problems ironed out at which point you can uninstall FF and go back to IE if you desire.


    That’s weird. I haven’t edited a post in a several days by clicking on the edit link in the post, and this morning when I did and saved, there was the yellow bar at the top with the link to go back. When I have hit save in the past (after the upgrade) it has taken me back to the post. Another change? Or have I lost my mind entirely?



    >>>Another change? Or have I lost my mind entirely?

    No, it’s been that way for me since the Evening of the Surprise Upgrade.

    I can’t understand why some people have something different.


    I know it has taken me back to the post after the upgrade, I’m sure of it.

    All I can do is shrug my shoulders.

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