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    It seems after a brief glance at the forums that I am not the only person having this issue today. After an hour of writing, with around 900 words down, I clicked “save draft” and, moments later, the process ostensibly having worked, my post was reduced to four words, with me completely incapable of recovering my work.

    In “revisions”, I have only two versions of my work – one when I started an hour ago, therefore just the first four words, and also the newly saved draft, again four words. So I imagine there’s no way I can be helped to recover my work, but I thought I ought to vent my IMMENSE frustration in order to make people aware of this issue, especially as it has not happened before, and none of my settings have changed since I blogged last.

    The blog I need help with is callumjameshackett.wordpress.com.


    I suspect they’re making changes again, that’s the usual cause of these glitches. The very best practice when you’re going to write a post is to type just one word or even a character (I use an ‘x’) and then save the draft. As soon as you start saving, the autosave kicks in. If you leave it til you’ve typed a lot and anything goes wrong, from a glitch in WordPress to your server going down, a problem with your browser or a power cut – you’re just asking for trouble. Save early and often.

    Apart from that… yep, I sympathise.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to input some info, but if not, then wait til after the weekend (as the Staff don’t respond to contact requests at the weekend) and contact Support:



    Thanks very much for the advice – I didn’t know about the autosave feature kicking in only after the first draft save. I really ought to have learned my lesson by now, but I’m optimistic to my own detriment!



    Whenever these things pop up, I always recommend using an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer or Blogdesk. Those are both free, and always save your work.

    One other trick, and old one like six years old, is to highlight all the text (I use Control A) then copy it to your clipboard (control C) and then, while everything is still highlighted, click Publish. For whatever reason, this used to force it to publish ALL the content, but if it fails, you still have it all copied on your clipboard and can just paste it in.

    Also: report it to staff via your dashboard Help button.


    And to add to what Raincoaster said – if you copy and paste from the HTML code (click the HTML tab rather than the Visual tab) , then if anything happens in the interim, you can paste it all back in, including any of the images codes, etc. :)


    For the 3rd time over the past few months, my post saved as a draft has been completely deleted. The revisions show no different, as they all show no word count. Super frustrating. I will be also contacting support to see why this is happening, as it is very time consuming! :(



    I’m sorry you experienced this. See what raincoaster said above and see also offline editors. When we use an offline blog editor we have a backup of every post and page on our own conputer of every posts and page we create in the offline editor and publish from it to our blogs.



    This used to happen to me all the time (draft is empty when saved) when I was using Firefox as a browser. Hasn’t happened since I switched to Chrome though.



    But others ARE reporting issues with Chrome right now. Unfortunately, all we can do is make the recommendations above.

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