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Save Draft is not working

  1. I am trying to work on a post, and my 'Save Draft' is not cooperating. It saves the words I type and the photos I upload, but it is jumbling it all together. It is not saving spacing between paragraphs or photos, etc. I have logged in and out, restarted my computer.

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone? This is driving me crazy!

  3. fitnessluva,

    I don't even have the option of saving a draft. The button simply doesn't show up.

    I've begun to simply navigate away from the page; then, when I come back I choose the most recent draft revision.

    This IS crazy.

  4. Sorry fitnessluva. I've had the odd loss of a recent draft - I've been working away on a draft and then hit save draft only to have wordpress pop up and ask me to sign in (when I was of course already signed in as you can't work on your draft without being signed in). After signing in again, I find that I've lost all the latest changes to the draft. Pretty irritating.

  5. Are you pasting things from another source, like a Word document? Or are you typing directly into the post? Are you using the Visual editor or the HTML editor?

    Which browser and version are you using?

  6. And what is the URL of your blog, starting with http? We can't help without that; we're just flying blind.

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