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Saved Revision - Cannot Locate

  1. billcsistunedon

    Hi, I wrote a blog post tonight which I revised at one point and saved each revision. Once I was happy with everything, I decided to close the browser tab and retrieve the final document from my drafts. Unfortunately there was no draft to be found.

    Was I supposed to do something else with the revision before closing the tab?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The Admin login link to the dashboard of that site is

    The saved draft posts are found at

    The saved draft pages are found at

    Staff are working on improving post and page revisions. The most recent 25 revisions are available for posts and pages.

    If you cannot restore from your browser, or locate a revision, or restore from Trash then the content has been lost and cannot be recovered.

    re: recovering a lost post or page
    If the post was created on the dashboard of your own blog at Dashboard > Pages > Add New then you ought to be able to recover a lost post or page from revisions if needed.

    See also if applicable > restoring from trash

  3. This is not related to your issue. You are running a very old and retired theme. Themes are retired when they no longer support all features. The recommendation is to switch to a newer theme.

    re: switching themes
    Themes are just "skins" on WordPress.COM hosted blogs.
    Note that switching themes can be easily done, provided you are logged in as Admin under the same username account that registered the site, you to

    *Replace NAME_OF_BLOG in that URL with the actual name of your blog. wp-admin/themes.php

    We have a preview function. No content is lost when switching themes on WordPress.COM hosted blogs. It does not matter if the site is private or public.

    Provided you are logged in as Admin under the username account that registered the site go to and type in your key words, or the name of theme.

    If you are not logged in under the correct WordPress.COM username account then clear your browser cache and cookies prior to logging into another account

    If you did not register the site and do not have the required access you need to contact the person who registered the account and site under it and have them either act, or transfer the site to your username account by using this process.

    The theme customizer provides a preview function for exactly that purpose ie. so you can view what a theme will appear like prior to changing one.

  4. billcsistunedon

    Thank you very much!! I found the revision and it was located under 'pages' rather than 'posts'. I have no idea why since it started as a 'post' and I would not have looked under 'pages'. Great :)

    If you think me using an old theme affects other features, then I will look in to changing it. I have not done so because I personally like the theme and have received compliments from readers about it.

  5. Hooray! You found it.

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