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Saving a draft and previewing deletes the post

  1. This was incredibly annoying. I was nearly done typing a post and I attempted to save a draft of it... and upon doing so, the post was just blank. I've retyped a bit of the post to test it, and every time I try to save the draft, the post is just deleted. I go to my dashboard to see that the draft of the post exists, but it's blank. Further testing showed me that even if I preview the post with stuff clearly there, the preview ends up blank. I haven't actually attempted posting it yet, but I imagine it would just put up a blank post.

    Help would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please edit the draft post and see if you can locate "post revisions"? The Post Revisions module shows any backup copies of your post. Each time you click Save Draft or Update Post, a revision is saved. will store the last 25 revisions for each post on your blog. See here for a illustration and more information.

  3. Oh, that's good to know. Although, at the time, I rewrote the post and was able to publish (and copied the html to see if saving a draft still deleted the post, it did).

    I also looked through the revisions just now, and they all appear to be blank.

    Either way, whatever problem I had seemed to have fixed itself. Just tried it and it works, for whatever reason. Thanks for the info, anyway, haha.

  4. I's sorry this happened to you and you had to do the post again. A really safe way to create and post content to your blog is to use windowsliverwriter for a PC or Ecto if you have a Mac. Then you always have a copy of what you create backed-up on your own computer. Best wishes. :)

  5. I'm having the same problem. Two posts in the past 24 hours have disappeared without my clicking the "Move to Trash" button. I wrote the posts offline, then copied/pasted them to my dashboard, edited them, added a photo, etc. and then hit Publish. Instead of publishing the completed post, and showing the complete post in the Dashboard and on my blog, both versions just displayed the title and tags, but the post itself was blank.

    The first post that disappeared was yesterday, and I was able to re-create it and publish it a second time without problem, so I thought the issue had resolved itself. This morning, however, it happened again, and the complete posts are not in my Trash folder or in "post revisions." They are just gone! Incredibly frustrating!

    There seems to be a bug in the system.

  6. @thehourfortea
    No kidding. I hear you and this sounds like a crazy-making situation. Please contact Staff and report all your details to them. I'll also flag this thread for their attention.

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