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Saving blog away from the server as backup prevention of deletion via hackers

  1. How do I prevent hackers from deleting my blog? Can I create a backup file separate from the server?
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  2. sanctifiedbrother

    Some hackers are savvier than our best efforts. NEvertheless, plan for your safety.

    Basic online security methods are a must (protect your [computers] from unauthorized use, lock down your settings, create complex passwords (don't use obvious codes like birthdays or dictionary words), and avoid granting access to rogue sites). You can change your password often, too.

    You can backup your site by exporting your data. In your dashboard, go to Tools>Export. I choose "All content." Keep copies of your photos, PDFs, and other uploads on your computer. I backup to FireWire drives and to my servers "in the cloud" as extra measures.

    No backup method is 100% foolproof. Just try to cover as many areas as possible and don't ever rely on ONE backup.

    Hope that helps!

  3. 1) have a really strong email password for the email associated with the blog.

    2) have a really strong blog password

    3) post using an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Windows LIve Writer that automatically makes a backup or

    4) regularly go to Dashboard->tools and Export a copy of the blog.

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