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saving blog to cd?

  1. I'm wondering if it is possible to save my blog onto a cd... I have an aunt that would like to read but does not have internet access.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. anyone?

  3. Mmmm, well I suppose so but the only way I can think of is to maybe email each post to yourself and then copy to word or wordperfect and then burn to a cd. I don't think the images would show tho and this seems tedious. You could always print and then snail mail the post. Hope this helps.

  4. You can use a site mirroring software and copy your blog onto your computer and then just copy it onto a CD. If you do a google search for site mirror software there are a number that will come up. This can be a little technical though.

  5. You could also use "Save Page As" in the file menu of the browser and save all the pages that way. If you set your blog to display the max number of posts per page then you'd get multiple posts per page and have less saving this way. Put the saved files into a folder and then just copy that folder to the CD. Your aunt would then only have to click on each html file in the folder.

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