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Saving Draft of Post causes visual editor font issues

  1. This is an odd problem I started noticing a few weeks/months ago. Basically, as soon as I press Save Draft while writing a new Post, the font flickers several times as the page refreshes and then I'm stuck with a permanently bold font in the visual editor. Hopefully this screenshot comparison is useful:

    Even more odd, nothing seems amiss when I go to actually post what I type - the text and font remain as they always have. What makes this more than a nuisance though is how I can no longer tell what text is bold, nor does the font return to normal when I switch to text-only and back again. Creating a new post "fixes" the problem but it immediately returns as soon as Save Draft is clicked.

    I am having no issues with fonts anywhere else on the internet, nor have I changed any settings in Firefox.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What browser and version are you using? What shows when you click to the TEXT editor? Are you copy/pasting text in from somewhere?

  3. Firefox v24.0. When I click the Text editor, the font changes to the default sort of Unicode or whatever font. Clicking back over to Visual doesn't change anything; it remains in the always-bold-looking bizarre font.

  4. And, no, I'm not pasting from anywhere. The change occurs 100% of the time from clicking Save Draft or after I click Schedule. So... any time the screen refreshes manually, I guess?

  5. Do extra tags show in the text editor?

  6. Just checked: no extra tags in the Text editor. I also tried changing the default Firefox fonts through the browser options, and nothing seemed to affect the text in the Visual Editor.

    When I manually added a "span style="font-family: arial;"" to the text editor, it DID change the font in the Visual Editor. So... maybe there was some kind of WordPress change that defaults it to a different font if my own is unsupported or something? I'm currently using the Tinos font for my body text.

  7. Yes, that's probably it. Never run across this before, though, so it is not easy to tell.

  8. harperganesvoort

    I'm having this same problem, and it's most annoying. I'd like to also shrink the font size in the editor down by about 2 points, so it's not so large, but that may be a separate issue.

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