Saving is not saving???

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    Was typing away some pretty important thoughts, writing a post to be precise. I was saving but I had not published the writing as I was not finished. Navigated away from the post wrtiting window, and when I tried to find what I had written, I could neither navigate back to it (didn’t think I would be able to just click the back button on the browser a few times and get back to the text), nor could I find a draft or a pre-published post-list (of drafts – or drafts with actual published posts)… found none of that.

    Is it saved somewhere, or did I need to publish before navigating away from the post?


    I have noticed if you navigate away from the write window and then come back, most times things will disappear. If you had saved it prior to navigating away, try going to the manage [posts] page and selecting “drafts” from the filter pulldown and then hitting the filter button. If it doesn’t show up there, then it’s gone.

    If you have to go to a different page, you might think about opening a new browser window or tab to do your browsing in.

    Alternately you could go to one of the desktop blog clients (some available for free) which will save the post on your computer. When you publish it, it is on your blog, and also on your computer.



    Thanks for this. I knew NOT to navigate away from a page without first saving – in almost anything you do that is web-based, but I had saved.

    In anycase, I did find the entry, though it was not intutive for I had looked in drafts and it wasn’t there initially. In fact I can’t really detail how I found this entry, I just stumbled upon it after earnestly looking for it.

    But with your help I was somehow, once again, able to find it – even if I can’t now detail how. Maybe I was filtering incorrectly or something.

    Again, thanks



    I’ve found several times lately that the saving feature doesn’t save properly. Parts of my posts have not been saved :( and the autosave has not worked. It’s happened to me time and again, but I am never sure how and in what order it’s happened.
    I am more and more reluctant to compose my posts online.
    I know it’s safer to compose in a text editor and then copy paste, but it does strip some of the fun of blogging, doesn’t it?


    ALWAYS: Before each save select all the text in your post, and then copy it to the clipboard (ctrl-a (windows) or cmd-c (mac)). It’s a good habit to get into.

    Losing work when the save function doesn’t work properly is exactly why I went with an offline editor and now I always have a local copy on my computer just in case.

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