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    I want to be able to download and save the Voice by Mail posts so I can transcribe them in Express Scribe. How do I save just the audios to my computer?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Check if the MP3 file appears on your Media Library. Alternatively, you can check the “source code” of the post featuring the “Post by voice”. In any case, the filename would look like:


    So I can just c/p the source code to my file and Express Scribe will open it? I’ll give that a try as soon as I have all my transcription tools in place. Thanks for the guidance.



    I have no idea if Express Scribe will even be able to decipher a WordPress.COM source code. But if it needs to read an actual MP3 file, simply go to your Media Library and download the MP3 file first.


    Ok. I do have them in my Media Library but I don’t see any option for downloading them. When I right-click the image of the audio, it simply copies the image, not the actual audio. Help is much appreciated, thank you!



    From the media library, hover over the file in question and click on View beneath it. It will take you to a page on your blog that will look like a post. Click on the name under the “post title” (when you hover over it, the status bar on your browser should indicate a filename ending in .mp3). That is what you need to save.

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