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Saving th Mexican Wolf Population

  1. On Oct 11th the Albuquerque Journal published a a Half-Page Ad:
    Just Imagine...
    If this vicious predator was stalking your family and business..If this vicious predator followed your children home from school..If this vicious predator was allowed to enter your yard..If this vicious predator was allowed to dine on your dog or cat..If this vicious predator was allowed to enter your business and steal thousands of dollars night after night..
    Just Imagine...
    If the federal and state government released this vicious predator and thief..
    If the federal and state government made sure this vicious predator and thief stayed in your backyard...
    This IS happening in YOUR backyard TODAY.
    Though the Gila National Forest is the background for tens of thousands of New Mexicans. It is home to thousands of families and small business es who depend upon it for a living.
    This same forest is the site where the federal government has released "experimental, non essential wolves" These wolves have destroyed hundreds if not thousands of elk deer, dogs, cats, horses and cattle- there have been 10 more confirmed cattle kills in the past month and the bodies of nearly 14 others have been found but not confirmed. Hunting opportunities have been destroyed for sportsman while the wolves continue to stalk an kill elk and deer. Some estimate that within 10 years the Gila's "Trophy Elk" hunts will be gone.

    Estimates are that thus far $400,00 has been invested in each wolf. Studies indicate that over 5 years, thes wolves will slaughter over 7,000 head of wildlife and stock.Is the federal and state government paying for these deaths? No
    Is the federal and state government removing these these killers? NO
    And it ask citizens to call the Governor and Congressmen.

    It is such a stretch of the truth to be laughable if it was not for the ignorance of the population, and their failure to really dig up the facts. Its a scar tactic. The Big Bad Wolf.
    Well, I did my research and the facts are that 10 years ago Mexican wolves were reintroduced to the NM Mountains. To bring a balance back to nature. It was suppose to eventually increase to 100 as a goal. It was never achieved. Officials in 2007 removed 22 wolves, and in the previous year 18 were removed. As of today, ther are only "3 breeding pairs" in the Gila Mountains as I understand it.
    Some statistics: Accorting to the "Rocky Mt Elk Foundation the estimates for Elk in New Mexico are 80,000, that is a 146% increase since 1984." indicates that the population of Deer in NM is 200,00.
    The article stated that the federal and state government does not pay for the deaths of "Cattle or Sheep" They most certainly do. If it is a confirmed kill and documented. They pay fair market value. Has anyone ever heard of the "Anatolian Shepherd Dog?" These dogs are massive and are bread for one thing, protecting herds. They weigh more than a Mexico Wolves, who average 60 lbs.
    Another salient point is why would a wolf want to come down and eat a calf when they have 80,000 weak and old Elk to feed on. This is called natural selection. IF Elk and deer go unchecked by "natural predators" the natural ecosystem of the population suffers as the herd becomes weaker and more susceptible to disease. I know hunters don't want to shoot a young or old and weak-maybe sick Elk or Deer. These wolfs are doing their job, as they have for thousands of years, until man thought we could do a better job.
    As for cats and dogs: if you love your pet keep them in a night. Also, there has been NO evidence linking cat and dog abductions to Wolves.
    If that is happening, and its a big if, it might be Coyotes. We are encroaching in to their space. They are Omnivores, they eat what ever they can get, they are scavengers. They are vital to this area, they keep the Rat, Snake, Prairie Dog, Mouse populations that would inundate us if they did not keep in it check. And guess, what people here can kill Coyotes when ever they want to her, don't even need a license. Kids and killing adolescence and the and taking photos to show who mach they are.
    I am desprate to get some help from higher places to stop this campaign for killing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want to promote this:
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    Don't spam the forums with it.

  3. Did you really just copy a half a page out of a newspaper and paste it on the internet? You might think about not doing that, since it's illegal.

  4. I think I must be doing this blogging all wrong. I put the information on my site, where all along I should be posting my articles here.

    If you listen to justjennifer you will get more people to read it.

  5. What about the Peruvian jumping chinchilla population?

  6. My cat got abducted, now you would not believe a respectable Hampshire city like Winchester, England [we used to be the capital of England before that froggo came over and conquered us] but you wouldn't think we would have wolves, but we do.
    If you are ever in town around 4.00 am you see them scouring the alleys and side roads peeping over the garden fences, they are the staff of the local Chinese restaurant-I'm not kidding-they are looking for cats. Winchester up until 2001 had the 3rd highest cat population in the UK then they opened up a brand spanking new Chinese restaurant called Kung Po, we now have the 2nd highest mouse population in England according to the 2006 census because the cats have vanished.

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