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    For whatever reason, when I’m working on a post, and hit ‘save and continue’ periodically to save my work, WordPress will bring back an earlier version of something I saved, say, a half-an-hour ago.

    I just lost an hour’s worth of great writing b/c it regurgitated something I’d already changed, I didn’t see it and hit save and now have all this work to do over again.


    Has this happened to anybody else?



    I haven’t heard of too many problems with the ‘save’ and ‘autosave’ feature, but other than the first save, I don’t seem to pay much attention to it myself. I know quite a few people will tend to work on their post ‘offline’ in a text editor or offline blog program like bloglines and then copy and paste when they want the post online.




    It just did it AGAIN!!!



    When this happens remain calm. What’s happening may be this. has multiple servers and the contents are cached. When the server load is being re-balanced there may be a slight delay with one server running slightly behind or ahead of the others. So you may be seeing cached copies of the auto saved posts.

    I would like to recommend that you do prepare all of your posts off-line in Notepad or another plain text editor (not Word). When you do this then you will always have back-up copies.

    Alternatively, you can use an off-line blog editor like BlogDesk or Windows LiveWriter, Ecto, etc.



    Please use this link to report your problem to staff on Monday

    Support Temporarily Closed
    Support will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday while the Automattic crew gathers in San Francisco in preparation for WordCamp 2007. We will re-open Monday morning around 9AM PDT.



    Yes, this sounds much like the problem we had a couple of weeks ago. Until staff fixes the problem on their end, do your post normally but before you hit Publish click in the text box and select all, then copy all. THEN hit Publish. Only part may publish, but you just go to Edit and paste in everything you saved. Should work just fine. I got into the habit of saving everything even when it’s working fine; it’s just too heartbreaking to lose things.



    This is related to the current sticky in the forum. It should no longer be an issue.


    This might be what happened to me today? I lost a part of a post while editing. More than once…


    I’ve had problems with the WP post writing stuff in the past and I simply switched to the Ecto client. I’ve also used blogdesk, and both work well. I never have any odd problems like I have experienced with the WP editor.


    Thanks barry….



    I think your problem and another one on the board today may have been related too. But, what do I know? I’m no geek, for sure, for sure.

    Like you I have suffered no off-line editor difficulties and I have used BlogDesk as well. I haven’t tried Ecto.

    Aye but when Tiny MCE (the text rich visual editor) is being a PITA I simply turn it off and breathe … breathe … breathe …

    It’s only a blog, right?

    After I return from getting some fresh air outside and breathing, I turn the dear wee thingee off.

    I can then use the standard editor and I switch off and on between the two editors to achieve almost what I want.
    P.S. icon 16 produces the advanced editing toolbar

    Pardon my rambling. It’s good to here you’re are on top of this.
    I was confident you were. Thanks for the update. :)



    I had similar problems yesterday. The problem was that sometimes WordPress showed a current version and sometimes the previous one – even without reediting. I also wanted to remove a comment which I posted by mistake to myself and WordPress had problems with that – it showed me a message that something went wrong and something strange happened. Sometimes I got a message that a comment’s ID didn’t exist, or something…



    Yes, many people had this problem yesterday. It was fixed.

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