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Say No to the Plethora of Exclusive Like Buttons

  1. Showcasing my blog post with personal comments on the new Like feature at WordPress.

  2. Let me e the first to say that I liked your post so much that I Like*d it.

  3. @arifsali
    I'm with you. I commented and "no" I did not use that assinie "like" button.

  4. @timethief, thanks for your comment.

    Another absurd thing I just noticed with this new feature is that I can Like my own post. I mean common! What good does it do to me if I like my own post and it counts? LOL.

    @andrew, thanks for liking my post, which means you pretty much agree with my thoughts, though I'm sure you must have your own thoughts on this matter. This all makes for an environment a conversation creates rather than a button or a click which does absolutely nothing.

  5. If wordpress wants to offer this, fine, but they should provide an opt-out feature where we can keep people from easily "reblogging" our stuff.

    I mean seriously! This is nucking futs!

  6. What's the difference between reblogging and 'cut-and-paste'? Would this feature be more acceptable if the reblogger had to get the original author's permission?

  7. @miguknamja4, sure copy/paste is doable but the point is why would a platform make it so convenient and easy for anyone to copy? As I mentioned here, the Reblogging tool appears to be similar to PressThis tool, Aside from this being similar, all of this defeats the purpose of making it difficult for people to copy/paste. And given that there is no opt-out feature, you won't even be able to complain if someone copies you and provides you a few click. Well, what if you don't want those few clicks?

    Another thing I don't understand is why roll the Like and Reblog together? A Like could stand on its own with a universal stats page to ascertain the hierarchy of list with Most Liked at the top. What we have instead is a page which lists what I have liked already. What am I going to do with that information? I can like my own post and then go back to watch that I liked my own post?

    This whole feature release of today is without any merit.

  8. @arifsali:

    I agree that the "like" feature is lame. But, I think with some safeguards, and after removing the older redundant features, WP could rival Facebook and other social networking sites in terms of content.

  9. @miguknamja4

    What's the difference between reblogging and 'cut-and-paste'?

    The difference is that this copy-cat from Tumblr feature has been provided by and there is no provision for opting out. The only other feature we have that we cannot opt out of is the global tagging.

    Would this feature be more acceptable if the reblogger had to get the original author's permission?

    What would be more acceptable to me is to have a provision for opting out.

  10. @timethief:

    Fine. How do we contact WP? Are you reading this, WP? It sounds like we need a referendum!

  11. There is no voting when it comes to corporate decision making and I'm surprised you don't know that. Either an opt out feature will be introduced after the fact or not.

  12. I for one, am for the 'Like' button. I think it is a great way to get great posts noticed. If you don't like, just don't press it. Easy as that.

    BUT, does liking a post send a ping back? Or reblogging a post?

  13. <blochhing> I for one, am for the 'Like' button. I think it is a great way to get great posts noticed. If you don't like, just don't press it. Easy as that.

    It sounds like you misunderstood me. I certainly won't be clicking the button. That's not my point. All of our blogs have been opted in and are subject to reblogging. There is no opt-out feature for those of us who do not wish our blogs to be included.

  14. I completely understand that. But, it is just another way to rate a post. As for the reblog feature... Copy and paste would do the same and create the same issues.

  15. shesboxingclever

    Okay, I'm confused, or misinformed, or blind, or something. Where exactly is this "like" button you all are referring to? I don't have one on my blog as far as I can see, and haven't noticed it anywhere else, not that I was looking however. So is this something automatic, or do I have to opt in?

  16. shesboxingclever

    Ohhh...I see it now. And am quickly researching, beginning with your link. I do NOT like the idea that someone can so easily spread my thoughts and ideas around. I mean, I know it's a public site and open to the eyes of the world, but I don't much like the widespread lack of control it appears will take place. I don't really want readers of readers of readers directed to my blog on such a random basis. I prefer my closeknit community of readers and commentors, without the hassle of maintaining any sort of "watchdog" over who's reading and re-posting, when and where.

  17. shesboxingclever

    I realize this is my third post in very little time, but to be honest, I'm more than a little freaked out, so bear with me. For the first time since starting with WordPress, I'm contemplating packing it in. No opt-out, leaving me the only option of going "private" to maintain some semblence of control, does not make me happy. Anyone know if we'll receive a list of the readers who have "liked" or "re-blogged"? Will it work with the pingback system?

  18. @shesboxingclever, you should submit your thoughts to this news thread

    This forum post is not even going to show up on the front page of the forum.

  19. I'd like to see this feature removed.
    At least, let the users who don't like it and don't want their contents be stolen be able to disable it.
    Make the blog private is not a solution, at all.
    I say NO.

  20. Having an opt out button gives you like... err... a CHOICE?

    If so much effort had been made to create Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr lite within WP, giving an opt out option wouldn't have been that difficult, would it?

    I want to be sure this feature won't become the sweetshop for sploggers to nick the hard work that has come from my brain to the keyboard.

    By the way, SBC, I've just subscribed to your blog. If you're thinking of leaving, or setting your blog to private, I don't want to lose you.

  21. It seems is increasingly heading towards becoming a social-networking platform, which is ultimately moving away from the original idea of a blogging platform. The latest introduction of Gravatar profiles with the background customization and all, leads me to believe that just like Facebook which moved away from its original idea (hence caused a recent uproar), the community of freemium bloggers are now fair game for Automattic to shift their ideals around.

    I wonder what's next.

  22. Further thoughts:

    Is now a Social-Networking/Micro-Blogging Platform?

  23. This is getting weirder,
    I like The Li*ke feature only my blog does not have it..

    Its like we are no more an Admin of our posts..

  24. @ moderators:
    I'm sorry, but this is not showcase, I think.

  25. The 'Like' button doesn't bother me as much as the reblogging ability does. Yes, people DO copy and paste. That doesn't mean it should be made easier for them. I would rather have an opt-out feature instead. My blog is private until then.

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