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Saying you are sorry, does not mean defeat

  1. just something to share with hopes others can see it too :) my eldest wanted to see a movie on sunday great movie "Hanna" :) anyway we got into a discussion that quickly turned into something else, the perfect day seemed destroyed over what amount of cash to spend, yea silly right? well i felt he was not open to appreciating ever $$ he had, we drove home in silence i went to my room mad he went in his room too both of us feeling really bad, so after a while without caring who was right or wrong i went down to him i sat on his lap and i kissed him on the head, i told him I love him and that it was silly to argue over such a little thing, i acted goofy as he like that LOL, the day went back to a perfect day again we had a great night. I realized that as a mother i have no higher authority to say i am the adult he is the kid i am right he is wrong we are a family we will ride the bigger things in life, lets not get upset over the little things tossed our way each day.

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  2. I completely agree with you. If we let small things get in the way of our lives then how can we ever expect to take care of anything that is major that may come along. No matter how bad the disagreement is, it should always be resolved on the same day. Grudges only damage relationships, and removing that removes a deadly poison from personal connection in our society. If we can not handle the prospect of making up with our own families we will never be able to make up with say, a friend who has done you terribly wrong.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree with you Jackie. I am 19 and often my parents argue or we all fight and I finjd it easier when I say Ok Mom or Ok Dad instead of talking back trying to get my way. I agree though that it should be resolved on the same day because if you dont days can go by where your arguing about it or making faces at one another being rude and so on. I really like your post it was really interesting and true.

  4. I think you did a great thing that you made up with your son in a positive way. I personally think it's important to address the matter of the argument, money management, though. Maybe you could sit with him and calmly discuss your concerns about the topic, or check out this article It'd a decent article, although I don't know if it'll suit your child, depending on his age.

  5. Zachtaylor36 :) I must say it took me years to understand that with my boys I raised them both by myself and at times it was overwhelming especially when the one u hit with most is just like you :) he is now 24 we are at a good place now and he is still such a kid lol

  6. Hopeortiz :) thank you it's good to hear that from your age group my youngest is 18 next month he will turn 19 too :) I use to get so mad and would just not want to talk about what happened as it would seem everyone is defending what they have to say, and by trying a different approach it was great we both smiled played and felt so much lighter in our heart, I think he was surprise too that I was the one to take first step :)

  7. Turnhrice, thank you for the post :) my son is 24 now youngest 18 yrs old I taught them at an early age the importance of money management to his day he would tell everyone I had him take a job at 14 yrs old hahahaha at mcdonalds the problem I see was as a single mom, his dad was never there never supported him in any way including financially, I wanted him even though he did not need to work, to learn at an early age that he can work and make a living open a checking account and manage his spending :) I must say it was not easy at all he wanted tondo was hang out with his friends. Today his finish college a year ago and is now in a very good career and the lessons will start again :):):)

  8. Even though we are parents it does not mean we have to be the one that is always right it is important to listen on both sides and because we are older :) then we should be wiser teach them to also acknowledge that it is not about who is right or wrong it's about how we approach it I still have fights with my kids but now i have more smiles than I ever had, I was 18 yrs old when I had my first born and believe me it was tough very tough but we made it to this point and we have a lot more years to go ;)
    This world has change and it's changing more each day we need to take care of the big things and shake the little things

  9. That was a beautiful experience; and family really should value that incomparable bond that goes beyond any relationship. It's really nice to read stories like this because it makes me appreciate my family even more. We have conflicts as well and I can relate, its tough to say sorry, but it means more in this cases, it means "I Love You regardless of the shadows in our lives."

    Thank you so much for this because it adds to the many things that made my day today.

  10. agaaquino29, thank you and by reading your response also help me to realize even more how important this all is and will make sure i follow on this each day, kids never grow up LOL so we need to remember always.

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