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Says 3 gallery images, how do I add?

  1. Hey everybody,

    I have added my images to a gallery post (all added the same way), but it says that theres only 3 images.


    How can I change this?
    Do you have any tips for making a gallery post?
    And, can I change the size and the image on the front page of the post?

    Best regards,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. How odd.

    You are using the Gallery post format, which shows on the front page of your post, and you've inserted a Gallery in your post.

    How did you insert the photos? Did you follow the instructions in this Support doc?

    Changing fonts and font size would require the annually renewable Custom Design upgrade.

  3. Thank you so much, Jennifer.

    I couldn't find any support to my topic, but your link seems to solve my problem :-)

  4. You're welcome. Best wishes.

  5. Hi again.

    I can't add media files from my library to the gallery. Is this impossible or am I not able to see this option?

    Thanks again :-)

  6. Galleries are created when you upload multiple images to the same Post or Page where you want them to appear.

    If you want to display images that you've already uploaded to your Media Library in a Gallery you will need to modify the Gallery shortcode in the Post or Page Text editor to use "includes" with the attachment ID number of the image you want to display. See here and here for a demo

  7. PS there are changes coming to the way media is handled which will hopefully make this much easier to do.

  8. Again, thank you so much Jennifer.

    I, finally, solved my problem! I figured it would be the easiest to delete my images in my library and upload them once again.

    To make my image bigger on my front page I edited the standard size of my thumbnail image. I'm kinda new to all this wordpress, I hope it will get better in time.

    A link to my new post to see what I ended up with:

    Pheww, done with that headache ;-)

    Have a nice sunday!

  9. Oh very nice use of the new tiled mosaic too! I do miss autumn. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics.

  10. Yeah I love that feature, it gives the post a nice touch :-)

    Thanks for your help! I am glad you like my pictures - I took them today, the fall is very beautiful here in Denmark.

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