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    hello there, i’ve been blogging for a while now. this is my site: and i’ve never had trouble getting videos to play. today’s post that features the “potato gun” is not working tho. on one of my computers it plays (in safari), but the player is stretched across the page, on my other new computer, which i would think should not need the cookies cleared, it’s literally brand new, an image for the video displays, but when you click on the play button it says, ‘video currently unavailable’. any ideas on how to fix that would be most appreciated. many thanks. rebecca

    The blog I need help with is



    I am using Firefox 14.0.1 and I have no trouble viewing that video in this post at all.



    No problems on Chrome either, have you tried using a different browser?


    hmmm, in safari 5.1.3 it won’t view. it does view in safari 4.0.4, although the player is stretched out across the blog. is there anyway to fix it in those browsers? i can try clearing stuff… tho my newer safar comp is brand new…



    Make sure your addons are up to date? While your computer may be brand new, the software may not be. I wouldn’t recommend Safari as a browser anyway. Try using a different browser if only to see if the videos are displayed correctly.


    i’m with you. i typically use firefox, but the computer is so new, i haven’t downloaded it yet. okay, i will just use another one. as a crazy perfectionist blogger, tho, it drives me nuts when the thing doesn’t work across ALL browsers. i know, i know, it will never happen, but a girl can dream… thanks for your help, guys. rebecca

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