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    How can I get my money refunded if I paid someone with a wardpress acc to create a site and he didn’t , I want to get all my payments refunded since this was a scam. Need help



    I have added “modlook” tag for staff assistance.
    Staff can help you better in this.



    Than you !


    Thank you !


    Hi danpersonalaccount,

    I see a member of staff replied in this thread a few weeks ago but we didn’t receive a reply.

    The account you are contacting us from hasn’t purchased any upgrades. What is the address of the site you would like a refund for? Please don’t share any transaction IDs here, a site address is the only information I need for now.

    Please be aware that we can only help with sites on these forums (not self hosted sites).

    #3228438 this is the site that I paid for plus . I would like to get the refund for the payments I made using my card.



    Thank you. Can you log out here:

    Then log in as user philosopheon ? This is the user that owns those upgrades.

    Then head to to chat with us; we’ll be happy to help you downgrade. We just need authorization from the correct account.

    If you’re having trouble logging in as user philosopheon, let us know and we’ll help you.

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