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    scam artists

    The blog I need help with is


    Scam artists blogs should be reported to WordPress so they can be shut them down. They are a waste of time to every genuine blogger. Make a note of their URL and submit it to WordPress. I don’t think they can really make money for you. They probably take a percentage. It is probably a pyramid schems like so mnay scams and patheitc money making ventures.



    Well, yes. Obviously. Not sure why you needed to post this at all, let alone twice.


    Well, Raincoaster, you are absolutely bloody useless. I hit the wrong button. I wanted to inform WordPress about the situation.

    If you cannot suggest any useful help, then why dont’t you just shut your useless mouth!!!


    To Rain coaster

    I am attempting to inform other peole about the situation. What the hell are yo doing about it? You great big smug smart arse!! Bugger off if yo cannot come up with any constructive comments or help– you useless fly on a pile of shit!!!


    The other annoying thing on WordPress, are the dumb comments form some members who are absolutely useless to ask for help or advice. If that is all you have got Raincoaster–shove it in your useless gob!!– yo worthless wate of space!!



    Why don’t you

    1) post this in your blog

    2) enable spellcheck.


    Once again you are useless, Raincoaster. It is better to post it on a wider forum. So you are an idiot again. Spell check is not all that important. It is the information that is most important. Your trivial comments are pathetic.

    You are wasting the forum by not offering any useful help concerning the real issue. If you have nothing better to do than criticise people who are trying to inform the wider WordPress community– why don’t you shove a mouse up your nose!!
    Once again, you have no real useful suggestions. Don’t comment again. I cannot be bothered to see your useless comments.



    I haven’t criticized you, but I can if you like.

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