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Scary Movies, Dog Training & Protest Tales

  1. There's 3 NEW POSTS up at INVISIBLE MIKEY ---
    a LIST of 10 seldom seen spooky movies, just in time for Halloween,
    MORE stories about what I'm learning from training a guide dog puppy,
    PLUS different tactics to employ at Occupy Wall Street, or anywhere.

    Stories, lessons, humor, photos, videos and COOL COMMENTS.
    All are WELCOME, as long as you are only "selling" your views:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Very cool that you are training a guide dog. My husband and I fly homeless animals to fosters and forever homes and I know of several dogs that have gone on to be guide dogs. How did you get into this type of training?

  3. invisiblemikey

    Hi, Itsa. My wife had been recovering from spinal surgery, and she wanted a dog, but wasn't sure she could physically handle a multi-year commitment. This is a one year job. We worked with the nearby club for a few months, learning commands and techniques until we got the pup. We still work with them each week, handling dogs of different ages, and they work with our dog. She gets sleepovers with other trainers, and we mentor each other. It's all volunteer effort, but the club pays for the vet bills, provides kennels and crates, and you get a "superdog" to work with and love for a year before passing on to the last 6 month phase of hard-core training. If they graduate, they are placed with a blind owner for 6-8 years.

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