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sceduled wordpress posts lost the publicize

  1. hello !
    Last 24 hours all my sheduled posts lost the publicize. The publicize check dissapear at the schedule time :(
    I try disconnect and reconnect at sharing settings with no success.
    screen shots:
    I'm using firefox 13 an IE9
    any help ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. nationalstaffing

    The same issues is happening to our blog. Please WORDPRESS!! Look into this issue!

  3. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. nationalstaffing

    Thank you timethief!

  5. @nationalstaffing
    The blog linked to your username has not had a post published since it since 2011. Do understand that Staff will need the URL of the blog you are referring to.

  6. nationalstaffing

    of course. We have multiple sites. The one in question is:

  7. Thanks for posting he URL. Please be patient while waiting fro a Staff response.

  8. Hello again,
    as additional information facebook followers disappear from blog stats

  9. 24 hours without an answer...
    Its seems to me that is better to ask help from God than support from WP.

  10. Same issue here. Sharing to FB and Twitter works with manually published posts but not for scheduled posts.

    This problem started around June 1st.

  11. @msb69 , please post yours blog URL, thx.
    in my case sharing to FB and Twitter some times works manually, sometimes not.

  12. Neither my Publish button and Schedule Publish are working.

    Here is a link to just one posting that will not Publish:

  13. Were your posts ever saved as a Draft prior to schedule, or were they scheduled immediately after writing?

  14. The procedure is : editing, save as draft, schedule (all publicize options are checked)

  15. You have to hit Publish, not Save as Draft, in order for things to go public, ever.

  16. Hit Publish is for manual posting.. and the problem is the same , after manual publishing publicize disappear from FB, Yahoo, Linkdln. Only twitter publicize works with manual publish.

  17. Then hit SCHEDULE.

    Save as Draft literally saves it as a draft.

  18. Oh really? come on man this is not the problem. I'm not publishing or scheduling posts for first time.

  19. If you're Saving as Draft, there's your problem. If you're not, then do not tell me that's what you're doing or I'll tell you that's your problem.

    please look ath this screen shot, is there any problem?

  21. in 30 minutes this post will be published, then the publicize will disappear ...

  22. Looks good, officially.

  23. I did the same as stergiog: Edit, save as draft, schedule/publish. Additionally, I have not been successful connecting to FB or Twitter but have had to post them myself.

  24. @raincoaster
    look now this screen shot after publishing the post

  25. All I can think is your post is no longer super-awesome.

  26. super-awesome check disappear at he same time with publicize

  27. Very interesting. I think that must be a bug. Staff need to know that. I know they're watching this thread.

  28. SO glad I'm not the only one with an ongoing Publicize problem on my blog.

    If all I need to do is post my blog address to the chorus, then here it is:

    Let me know what else I can do to highlight this!

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