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sceduled wordpress posts lost the publicize

  1. nationalstaffing

    Has anyone from WordPress actually acknowledged this issue? on this thread? timethief have you heard back from WordPress? Any ETA on resolving this issue?

  2. I flagged this thread for Staff. This morning the "modlook" tag had been removed aby a Moderator or Staff and I put it back up again.

  3. I was able to reproduce this issue at will over the weekend. Have not tested it today, but it definitely is not anyone's imagination.

    If someone wants more details (not provided in my previous post) let me know.

  4. three days without any answer...

  5. Oh, it was a known glitch years ago, but I thought they had fixed it by now.

  6. We're looking into the issue.

    stergiog, you see the "super awesome" checkbox because you have "Surprise Me" checked at Users -> Personal Settings.

  7. @macmanx OK thanks!

  8. Scheduled posts should now properly Publicize.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  9. nationalstaffing

    It does work! Great! Thank you Macmanx!

  10. You're welcome!

  11. My blog still won't publish or schedule. Help still needed.

  12. same here ,
    My blog still won't schedule publish facebook, only twitter works.

  13. Nothing is happening - still. It isn't related to the issue you mention above. Let's get the Publish to work as it did before. It worked so smoothly.

  14. My blog still won't publish or schedule.

    @mackeyme: Which blog (URL) are you referring to, and what happens when you click Publish?

    Can you take a screenshot image of your entire browser window that shows what occurs after clicking Publish or Schedule, and upload that image to your Media Library?

    My blog still won't schedule publish facebook, only twitter works.

    @stergiog: I see that this post was publicized to your Twitter account—did it get publicized to your Facebook wall?

  15. Bryan, I've saved a screenshot to my media library and included a description.

  16. What is the status of this? I haven't heard anything for several days and still cannot publish or schedule to publish.

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