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Schedule a post has not been working all week

  1. I've scheduled posts on three occasions this week, nicluding today, and none of them have published at their scheduled time. Two I was able to publish an hour later, after I realised they had not gone live. One would not let me publish at all, and I ended up copying the html and pasting into an entirely new post, then deleting the original. I need to be able to schedule my posts in advance - is anyone else having this problem?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've seen this happen when you have a Sticky post, but your blog doesn't seem to have one. And there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your blog. Your feed looks okay as well

    I suggest you contact staff via your dashboard Help button and get them to look into it.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion - will do so. Just wanted to check it wasn't something daft I was missing...

  4. No. Normally I'd say you were probably doing something wrong, or just tell you that scheduled posts don't actually go live till someone visits the blog (they don't; little known fact) but when you talk about the post that simply would not post at all, that's a big red flag. It means there's something wrong with the guts of the blog, and staff need to fix it. It's not a simple problem.

  5. Problem is I'm on, so can't contact staff. This might be the nudge I need to upgrade. I suppose it has been 5 years now...

    Thanks again!

  6. You mean they're not answering your message? They've said they're only doing support for blogs with upgrades until they're caught up (I estimate that'll be Never). I will flag this thread for staff attention, since we've been seeing a fair number of weird subscription and related issues and they might all be tied to this same problem.

  7. My scheduled blog this morning didn't go out as scheduled - it went out at least half an hour delayed and there was a little red note in the posts window - unable to schedule I think it said, but did it automatically eventually. Interesting. Almost all my posts are scheduled so I would like to keep an eye on this.

  8. If you have any upgrades, then take advantage of staff attention by reporting this from your dashboard Help button.

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