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Status Update (was Scheduled Maintenance)

  1. its ok, thanks for the notice... and no problem to me :)

  2. Hay Thats ok we know you will get it back to snuff soon, Keep up the good work. Thanks for the notice.

  3. Ok, thank's for information.

  4. Good luck! :)

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to inform us. You rock!

  6. nationalawardsforpuppetry

    Thanks for the info-so considerate of you, I really appreciate you telling us- shame other companies aren't so thoughtful- Like 02 for example......Caroline

  7. Why do so many people seem to think this is a great place to post "Go see my blog!" huh? Isn't the point of the thread that the blogs aren't working?

    Also: there's a Plug your blog thread in the Off Topic forum. Posting that here just makes you look like you can't read OR think.

  8. Yay for belated spring cleaning. *dons a maid costume and goes to help*


  10. You guys must be weary to the bone by now. I remember it well from the days when I was a working man instead of a happy old pensioner. Thanks for the hard work, and I hope you'll all get some kind of weekend when it's fixed.

  11. ...this is the main reason why I chose WordPress :-) ! Hats off ;-)

  12. Some good news and bad news. I always like the good news first:

    * Good news is that the maintenance was completed as scheduled and there was no downtime or service slowdowns during the maintenance window.

    * Bad news is that the problems we have been seeing for the past 36 hours seem to remain, although things have improved somewhat. I will be working with our providers today to try and determine whether they can fix these remaining issues before Monday morning. If not, we will implement some additional redundancy and workarounds before the work week begins.

    For most of you, everything should be working fine. A few folks may be experiencing some issues because the "Internet Road" between you and the servers is under construction. From what I can tell, this only affects a very small percentage of our users.

    Once I have more information I will update this thread.

  13. It's always good news knowing you guys are on top of getting things squared away as quickly as possible as smoothly as possible. Thanks for all the hard work!

  14. aha, no wonder all of my posts keep not saving and end up getting lost... wish there was a way to notify us about maintenance, I would not have been wasting my time

  15. @foodhoe -- This should not be causing your posting issue. I would suggest sending in a support request tomorrow morning with the specifics of what you have posted and is not there and we can look into it for you.

  16. Barry,

    Once again I am reminded why my blogs are at
    Thank you for keeping us updated so well. I appreciate it a lot. Knowing what has been happening helps a whole lot. You have my sympathy for a rough weekend.

  17. Thank you very much for everything you are doing to make things go right. It is usually a scarce activity, so it is very appreciated, no doubt.

  18. Howdy,

    thanks for the information. WP is the best! I don't pay a dime for the service, so I can't complain. However, I did notice that my blog ( is now resolving to I hope that has something to do with the problem here, and I hope it can be restored o.k.

    I'll sit tight and be patient and hope it can all be resolved. Keep up the good work WP!


  19. itguru3: the trouble with your blog is a separate issue. I'm looking into it.

  20. Thanks for being so honest with us Berry (and even updates on the problems, good and bad)! So many other places say "what problems"!! That's why you guys are number one for sure in teh blog world!

  21. Alrighty...this time I have good news!

    About 15 minutes ago our provider finally fixed the problem with their routing equipment that was causing all of our headaches. Things have returned to normal! Thanks again for sticking with us and sorry for any trouble the blips may have caused.

  22. Yay!

  23. .........

  24. Wow, that was spammy. Snivelly but spammy. IS the hosting company you're saying you can do better than. You're trawling the forum for customers to steal from Yeesh.

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