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    When I schedule a post to be published at a future time, on occasion I will check back after that time to find that the post has not been published and under the Date column, it will say how long it’s been since the scheduled publish time (ex: “5 minutes ago, 3 hours ago, etc.”) and the words “Missed Schedule” in bold red font. I read other forum posts about this issue and it seems the only 2 known issues are 1) over 100 scheduled posts (but in my case, I only have this one that was scheduled) and 2) it will appear when the person who scheduled visits the blog (weird, but did not help as I did access it). Of course, I can manually adjust the post time to right now, but that definitely defeats the purpose of advanced scheduling. Other workarounds I’ve seen apply to blogs only. Any advice is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    The 2nd you mention has a time limit, and if no one accesses your site for 15 minutes, the post is supposed to go ahead and publish. I don’t know it you, if you are logged in, trigger the posting or whether it has to be someone else (logged in or not).

    How long after it was supposed to have published did you look?


    Thanks! That must have been it. I noticed that it posted at approx. 14 minutes past. Has it always been this way and/or did I miss a memo? Scheduling had always worked right on time for me before. Thanks again for that – I’ll keep in mind to account for the 15 minute potential lag.

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