Scheduled Post Times In Edit Post Page Gone Missing?

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    It used to be that time for scheduled posts would appear and now it just gives the dates but not the time.

    While scheduling usually 10-12 posts in advance each day and having multiple authors on my blog, it is tough to avoid overlapping as we try to go off on the hour each hour of the day. Now we have to click through to see if we are spaced out properly as opposed to the way it was when we would know with a quick glance what time slots we already had filled.

    Is there an option to change it back to the old way where times of scheduled posts would be visible on the edit post page without having to click each post to see when they were scheduled for?


    The blog I need help with is



    There’s no option as far as I know. If I were you I’d contact staff and request that it be added back as a feature; you won’t be alone.

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