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Scheduled posts don't post

  1. I have tried several times to schedule a post. I've followed your directions but the post doesn't appear. I have to manually publicize it. When I first tried this a year or more ago, it did work. But the few times I've tried it in the last couple of months, it never posts. Hmmm ... any suggestions?

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  2. You can schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future. Please follow the steps in this guide carefully.

  3. Thanks for your note. I did follow the steps several times ... and nada. Zip. Nothing. The clock ticked merrily past the scheduled date and time and the post did not appear. What is weird is that once upon a time in the past it worked. Now it doesn't. Ah, technology.


  4. Scheduled posts are currently only triggered to publish when the first person visits the blog after the scheduled time.

    For now, think of it as "schedule after this time."

  5. Aha! Thanks for your insight. I guess I assumed that when the clock ticked past the magic number the post would appear. When it didn't I resorted to manually publicizing the post.

  6. You're welcome!

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