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Scheduled posts don't publicize to Facebook

  1. When I make a blog post I have it set to publicize automatically to my Facebook page. It works when I publish immediately, but not when I schedule it. Is there anything I can to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Do you have a specific example of a post (http://...) that was scheduled but did not publicize? And by any chance, is your Facebook page under the new "timeline" layout?

  3. I do not have timeline yet. My most recent post was published on schedule, but didn't automatically publicize to facebook. I had to post on FB on my own. Here's the shortlink of the post:
    ..and the full url if you want it for whatever reason?

  4. bump? please help, I want to get on a Monday 12:30 publishing/publicizing schedule as soon as I can.

  5. I'm sorry but we Volunteers are not able to help you with this issue. Here is how scheduled posts operate. Scheduled posts are currently only triggered to publish when the first person visits the blog after the scheduled time. For now, think of it as "schedule after this time."

  6. Ah I see... That truly is a bummer. Thank you for the insight.

  7. I'm sorry it wasn't the answer you wanted to hear. You're welcome.

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