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    I have followed all the instructions on scheduling a post

    Also read all the forum threads I could find that offer a few suggestions, but none apply or make any difference.
    I’ve tried multiple times with different settings, but no post has ever been published. They all result in a status of “Missed schedule”
    I have recheck time zone
    I have allowed more time into the future for the post schedule and used odd hours/minutes (to give WP servers a better chance…?!)

    Acknowledging the fact I’m using a free service, this is still a major inconvenience. Post scheduling was the #1 feature I wanted when starting a blog, as I will be offering an early morning daily blog release (with up to a week drafted and scheduled in advance). I chose due to the high reviews, reputation and backed up by support engineers.

    In the last 3 days, I’ve yet to see any response from wordpress engineers.
    Community support is wonderful, but none of us are in a position to fix it… only offer a voice to get some attention/pressure put on a resolution.

    Looking back I’ve seen some complaints in April 2012. Then recently in July there have been a whole lot more. It appears a real and recurring bug with this feature is impacting various blogs

    I have a deadline of August 1st where I would hope to have this resolved.

    Thanks very much
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    There are other active threads on this issue. See what Staff said here please


    Thanks for that
    I’ve read it and seems you are trying to get staff to look at it – and not turn a blind eye :)
    Guess we can just cross the fingers and wait


    Sorry to double post (can’t edit previous)

    URL to my test post is:
    OR perhaps the preview is needed….

    This post will remain active and unchanged for testing and resolution purposes, unless advised otherwise

    I will see what happens in 1 hr when schedule hits…



    I’d just like to report that my blog has been fixed
    In the last 3 days, (while I was absent from updating/checking) a post that was scheduled and missed, then got published

    Today I have made a new post that was scheduled in future, and it too published on time (visited from another browser not logged into wordpress)

    Hope everyone else has scheduling working soon (and no further hiccups)

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