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    I wrote a post last night and went to schedule it for 10:28 this morning. When I got home at 11:00 the post had not published.

    My first thought was during the dashboard makeover my london time setting had been over ridden, it had been so I changed the post for 11:18 scheduled post and changed my timezone.

    At 11:55 it still hadn’t posted. So I decided to set it for 10:57 (which by UTC (server) time was a few minutes away.
    That however was taken as in the past and the post was published immediately.

    I am on using the Koi template and 12 widgets (most just image or html.) I had no trouble scheduling before the wordpress upgrade.

    I also noted while trying to get my post live that it isn’t possible to change the status from scheduled to published. (Which would have been easier for me trying to publish my post when it originally didn’t post and I had to try and figure out what time it was.)

    The blog I need help with is



    Scarlet, I used to schedule feature for the first time since the upgrade and it didn’t work for me either. I just published manually, but interesting I’m not the only one.



    For a minute, I thought I was having deja vu. :)

    Please see this recent discussion


    Just read that thread, interesting though if that has always been the case why didn’t it affect my posts then and why did my posts still syndicate to networked blogs before?

    Before (and we are only talking about the 18/19th May, my posts fed through to network blogs and the post link was published on my facebook page within minutes of the scheduled time (obviously allowing for NB to syndicate the post.)
    Now it does not do that and like the OP in the other thread I have had visitors since the original post scheduled time and it still didn’t publish. Nor did a Cache refresh help matters.



    Thanks Jen. Very interesting. checked and I had no visitors between 7:50 and 8:19 and I was scheduled for 8:00. So that thread could explain it, most definitely! :)



    In that case, please do what macmanx suggested and contact Support directly. Feel free to point them to this thread and the other one.

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