Why aren't scheduled posts sent to subscribers?

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    I have had two posts “scheduled” to post at a later time. They do post to my blog okay, but those who are subscribed to instantly receive notification of new posts are not getting them. Can you help?
    Blog url: http://pec2012.wordpress.com/


    Thanks for the report. Can you let me know the title of a post or two that this happened with? Is it happening with all scheduled posts or just some of them? Thanks!




    this was the post today that I tried twice … scheduled once, it did not show in users email but showed up on the blog. So I changed the scheduled post time to a later time — it came down off the website and reappeared at the right time, but again, not to users.

    Since I am new to WordPress, this is the first and only post I have tried to “schedule” and see how it all works.




    Hi Cheri,

    From what I can see, everything is set up on your blog so that subscribers will receive notification of new posts, whether published immediately or scheduled.

    However, there can be a delay in receiving subscription e-mails. Do you know if your subscribers received a delayed notification e-mail?

    Additionally, do you know if your e-mail subscribers normally see e-mail notifications regarding your blog in their Inbox or is it possible that the e-mail was accidentally sent to their Spam/Junk mail folders?



    Thanks for checking …
    No delay notice was sent. Immediate posts have been received to in box, it was just the ones that were “scheduled” that did not show up. I have narrowed it down to users who receive notification “daily” were the ones who did not receive it. Those subscribed to “immediate” notification received it.

    Does that help? Otherwise, I will assume it was a fluke and I’m doing it right so it won’t happen again?



    When were the posts scheduled compared to when they actually went out to the immediate folks? It’s possible that the daily digest just missed it due to the publish time.



    Thanks for the followup. I will monitor with that in mind if it happens again and re-open my question/issue if it does not resolve itself.

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