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    I’ve been dealing with this all morning and no one seems to help me. Ever since the time change, The UTC has not been reading my articles and they have not been going up. No one has any answers and its annoying me to know that I pay money to be on here and I get no or rude help.

    I have to edit and repost every hour and basically waisted my time pre-posting all these articles i put up.

    What good is Scheduling a post when it does not work???

    is anyone else dealing with this problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t help you unless we have a link to your blog, starting with http. We basically always need to see the blog.

    You could just link it to your name under Website on the Profile page, though. Then your username would always link back to the blog.



    There’s the link to the site. Articles are up because I Had to edit and repost them. The next post is going up at 2:00pm.




    It’s a known bug on blogs; used to be they’d go up but not get on the category pages, but that’s changed now. Report it to staff via your Contact Support button.



    I’ve contacted the 3 times and they respond once, but never respond back. Its annoying.



    I don’t think they WILL respond. I reported this about a year and a half ago. They know about it. Reporting it doesn’t get you a response, it just gets it noted that it’s happening on your blog too.


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    It’s happened to me, but only a few (2) times.

    I think it’s something they don’t know how to fix.

    Almost always scheduling a post in future works for me, except for 1 or 2 times.

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