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    For several weeks now, the scheduled posts feature has not been working for my site. I always set it to 12am the next day, and for a while, it worked fine. Now, however, posts still haven’t posted by the time I get up around 7am. I have to manually go in and change it to 1am, and then it will post. Thoughts?
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    A scheduled Post is not posted until someone visits your blog – when someone visits your blog the Post is made then the time set to the scheduled time. Looking at the actual post times it looks like nobody visits your blog before 5:00 am pacific time (I subscribe). Do you have visitors early in the morning or are you looking at your email by subscribing to your own site?

    My only guess would be to try 12:05 am or something like that (I never quite get the midnight thing right – also if you visit your Dashboard that also triggers a Post to be published if it has not yet been published.

    Also look at the “Sparklines” at the top of your browser window when logged in and that will show visitors by hour.


    Yes, I have heard that the post doesn’t post until someone visits, but I’ve tried going to my site when not logged in and that doesn’t trigger it, nor does it post when I go to my dashboard. I am looking at the sparklines, but I’m not sure where it specifies visitors by hour?



    The Sparklines show a small bar graph for the last 48 hours – 48 little bars.

    sort of basic question – double check your time zone settings in case they were somehow changed –

    Dashboard > Settings > General >> pick a city in your area


    I think my time zone was messed up…hopefully that’s fixed now!



    Good luck – the time zone thing trips up a lot of people

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