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Scheduling a Post - Not Working

  1. I am having a problem with the "scheduling a post" feature. The time came and went today and nothing happened.

    Now, I can't get it to post at all. I checked and I am in the right timezone and I did use 24-hour time to post (I originally set it for 17:00, which is 5:00p my time). I reset it for 18:05 (6:05p) and it still has not been published.

    What do I do to manually publish it now? I'm not finding any clues in the forum help or the support help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just realized I left off the important stuff.

  3. Volunteers cannot help with issues like this one. Please file a support ticket with Staff >

  4. Darn, was hoping there was just something I missed. Cheers.

  5. Sorry I could not help. :(

  6. A scheduled Post will not be Posted until someone visits your site - then the time date is back dated to match the time it was scheduled for. This has to do with CPU resources, the Post by email on my old .ORG install also worked this way (the footer called a check for email routine to Post any emailed Posts).

    To double check your site - log out and visit it and see if the Scheduled Post is Posted

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