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    I keep a little music review blog here and lately I’ve been finding time to review things ahead of time and schedule them for posting, which is nice since I can get multiple reviews done and not have to worry about reviewing for some time. With one exception. I have two pages that change when new reviews are posted.

    I have an “Upcoming Reviews” page featuring album covers of the upcoming reviews and a “Reviewed Artists” page featuring a categorized listing of each artist and links to each review of theirs I’ve posted. I can schedule the review to post, sure, but my Upcoming Reviews and Reviewed Artists pages can’t be updated until I get to them personally.

    In short, what I’m asking is; is there a way to schedule a page revision? I see you can schedule a page to post, but that just makes any existing page disappear until the scheduled date and time. Am I missing something or is this not possible at all? Being able to schedule posts is great, but it is a little annoying for the blog to not be completely updated at the same time.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Yes, you are missing the difference between posts and pages:

    Without a direct link to your site, starting with http:// I cannot see exactly what you are doing, but please read that support document to understand the crucial difference between

    You have only one dynamic posting page in a blog. That is, you cannot post to a page:

    One cannot “schedule” a page because they don’t have dates.
    One cannot categorize a page.

    You need to make all of your reviews as posts, which you can categorize as you like. Then in order for your readers to find those posts, you can use a custom menu.



    Oh, no, I’m very well aware of the differences between posts and pages and you actually can schedule a page.

    Pages also do in fact have dates, however you only see the dates while editing, granted, they will always carry the date of when you first published the page, although you can change this at any time.

    If you decide to change it to a prior date, it effects nothing, I’m assuming. If you change it to a date or time in the future, it becomes “scheduled” which, like I said, if it’s an existing page, causes it to disappear and then reappear at the scheduled time with the changes.

    and I suppose if it could somehow help, is the address.

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