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    I’ve noticed that when I schedule posts on my blog, they’re not posted at the selected time. Instead, they’re posting hours ahead of schedule. For instance, I had a post scheduled for today at 10 AM. I just checked my blog – it posted 4 hours ago (it’s currently about 8:30 AM, which means it posted about 4:30 AM). What is the point of being able to schedule posts if they don’t post at the correct time?

    In searching the forums, I’ve noticed this is an issue. Why hasn’t the bug been fixed yet? I’m new to using the scheduling option, but it’s not like it’s hard to figure out. The problem is, it doesn’t work properly. Please address this bug soon. Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is



    These are the basics, but since you made no mention of it, I need to ask
    Have you checked your timezone settings?


    Since it won’t let me change the timezone to my actual timezone, I had to choose the closest one. (Had to use EST when I live in CST.) I’ll see if this works or not. Thanks for the suggestion.



    Actually, I suggest you choose the closest major city among the list. If you do so, I believe will automatically adjust according to Daylight Savings Time. (Of course, if you happen to live in a place that doesn’t observe DST, please disregard this!)



    Remember also that a “scheduled” Post will not actually be posted until you have a visitor to your site – the time will then be set to the time that the Post was set to be published at – so if you have a low traffic site and you visit the site through your dashboard you might not see the Post published if you have no visitors.

    If you have no visitors does it really need to be published until there is someone to read the Post.

    This is a save CPU resources thing.


    airodyssey, your suggestion seems to have fixed the problem. I just have to adjust the post time by an hour to get it to post at the time I want it to actually post for my time zone, but that’s no big deal. I appreciate your help.

    auxclass, I’m afraid you don’t know what you’re talking about, but I appreciate your attempt to help anyway.



    Remember also that a “scheduled” Post will not actually be posted until you have a visitor to your site and their browser calls for it to be displayed.



    You’re welcome, although I don’t appreciate your attitude towards my fellow volunteer.

    This is to back what auxclass said

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