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    I was curious, is there a way to make post drafts and schedule them to be posted at a certain date/time? Is there a plugin for this?



    Please look in FAQ. This is a question that has been answered many many times before and you will find instructions there. It’s always recommended that ones looks in FAQ prior to posting on the forum. Best regards.



    Actually it hasn’t been included in the FAQ yet. A thread on the topic though is on the front page of these forums which the origninal poster appears to have missed. :)

    In theory, you would just write your post and publish (note not draft but publish) it but with a future date time and and it would kick out when that date and time passes. Unfortunetly, it does appear that this feature is currently broken as it does not work on one of my test sites.



    /me wanders off to the FAQ :)

    And the breakage – I have had no other reports so it’s very strange that happened / is happening.



    Podz, I sent in one last night from the kpremixed backend around 6-8pm Eastern US time. Did not get an autoreply but I haven’t received any of those for quite some time. Please note (since I’ve got an ear) that I did an MT import to move those posts in if that needs to be taken into consideration.



    /drmike waves at Podz and notes that he sent one in as well yesterday from his main Dashboard.

    Whats up with the autoresponders by the way? Haven’t seen one in ages.

    -dr(See? Even I have problems somedays)mike




    I saw the post from you drmike. Unfortunately for you – but fortunately for everyone else – no other similar events took place. I test blogged to the future and they did not appear. Which could mean the import but it certainly means that 1 reported issue doesn’t get the highest of priorities – sorry…. it’s the way it always is.



    Yeah, the “we got your email” autoresponders. Haven’t seen one of those for quite some time.

    I’ll try to figure something out on this side than about the importer. Just wanted to know if it got submitted.




    I have a post scheduled to release at 10.35 am 02 June, so we’ll see what happens.

    It’s a feature that I want to use, but have been wary of up til now after all Lorelle’s problems using it.



    I wanna use it as well but with a couple hundred future posts exposed…

    I will note that the Blogger API plugin doesn’t work with postdated posts either. :(



    W Bloggar will though!



    Nah, I don’t have a computer perminately connected to the net. (I live in the one place in Charlotte that didn’t get wiped out in ’89 from Hugo and we still have 100% copper, even at the switch, both phone and cable)

    I have the webcomic preloaded for a couple of months. Well, trying to anyway. The actual webcomic hosted off site is fine. The backup here isn’t.



    Well, my future dated post didn’t publish and still hasn’t. :(

    I’ve sent in feedback.



    Well, that’s interesting!

    A couple of hours later than scheduled it would seem that the post has published.

    I believe that the servers run on GMT don’t they?

    I scheduled the post to publish at 10.35 am today and at 12.06 I noticed that it had posted….


    EDIT: Of course, I’m working on BST, not GMT…



    My times were off as well but I never got around to looking into the matter.



    1. make sure your times are correct in your options for your specific timezone.
    2. make sure you click the box to edit the timestamp
    3. Also check your browser’s cookie settings.

    Once I changed my cookie settings I was able to schedule without any problems. I use Firefox and have “allow cookies from originating site only” checked. I had to un-check this box in order for my scheduling of posts to work properly.

    Hope this helps.



    If that point 3 is true, that’s a joke.

    I am using dated posts since months quite fine, but since 2 days all my scheduled posts appear at once. That really makes me angry because also the trackbacks are sent, and sometimes i change the release date of a post. So Technorati is pinged, the source is pinged but the post is supposed the appear in 2 or 3 days. That makes people visit yet not existing pages – they get an error.

    Why is this mess just happening since 2 days?


    I’ve just sent feedback in (and sent some in last night) on this. I have posts in queue for this morning, tomorrow morning and Friday morning. Last night, when I posted the Friday morning post, even though it was postdated properly, it went live on the site (and in my RSS feed) immediately. Then it stopped showing up on the site. This morning, it was showing up again, clearly dated for two days from now. I took it back to Draft status and got it off the site.

    My post for this morning wasn’t showing up last night, but showed up on the site (dated and time stamped correctly for 5:30 a.m.) at about 5 a.m.

    I’m going to take my post slated for tomorrow back to Draft status as well. Until this is sorted out, I’m nervous to have it messing up my feed and giving people error messages.



    I’ve sent in probably a half dozen feedbacks on problems I’m having with this feature since I moved my blogs over to WordPress six days ago. I think there are at least three different problems to fix:

    1. On a daily basis, my posts pop onto the front page at 8 pm the night before the desired posting date, when they’re supposed to begin at midnight. In an attempt to get around this problem, I’ve tried resetting my UTC time to -8 and various other things. It doesn’t matter. I’ve also tried resetting my desired posting times from midnight to 6 am, hoping they’ll at least show up after midnight on the desired date instead of the evening of the previous day. That doesn’t work, either.

    2. Some posts are appearing anywhere from three to nine days early.

    3. In order to get the several-days-too-early posts off the front page, I’ve resaved them as drafts, planning to republish myself on the desired day. Three times one resaved draft has popped back onto the front page, and three times I have re-resaved it as a DRAFT. Drafts should not have the ability to come back to life on their own.

    I’ve looked into this topic all over the support forum (I’m using WordPress-hosted free blogs, not the standalone version) and verified that my local time is set properly in Options (UTC -4 for Washington DC).

    In the meantime, four months has elapsed since this topic was first opened on Lorelle’s site, two months have elapsed since this thread was opened, and no progress seems to have been made. Again, I have sent in at least six feedbacks. The first couple of times I was told it’s a known issue and they’re working on it. They must be sick of hearing from me on this topic, because I’m not getting responses any more. So Support has been hearing about this for months and months now, but there seems to be no progress.

    The only thing I can do now is stop using the feature. I now have two weeks worth of posts which are saved as drafts and I will have to go in each and every day and publish on the desired day. I’m really disappointed about this, because future publishing was one of the biggest reasons that attracted me to WordPress to begin with.

    In the meantime, there have been new features added. Wouldn’t it be better if the features WordPress already has work the way they’re supposed to?



    [… I’m really disappointed about this, because future publishing was one of the biggest reasons that attracted me to WordPress to begin with…]

    Same for me. This timestamp-function is one of the main tools for publishing. Important like the editor itself. So i really dont’t understand why it doesn’t seem to be looked at, or at least why we don’t get any offical statement on that case. And also, how do i know when it is solved?

    drmike, pls don’t get me wrong. I am really thankful what u guyz are doing here for free. Especially you are very dedicated to the forum here.

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