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    I wish to know how to add the Schools Attended Sidebar widget. I saw it on one of the blogs and remember that I also had the option to display it but didn’t take it at the time. Now I don’t remember where I saw it. Could you help me in putting the widget on my blog?


    That was on a MySpace page. Best way to do that here is to create a text widget and type the names of your schools. But trust me, you don’t want your blog to look like a MySpace page.



    Here‘s the list of Widgets current known about for WordPress.

    Of course this will probably drive up requests. :)



    Woah, that is some list. I had no idea you could display quite so much pointless crap in your sidebar. I still have no idea why anyone would want to, but hey.



    I thought pointless crap was the main point of blogging? ;)



    IMO producing pointless crap is not the main point of blogging – packaging and sharing the pointless crap one produces is. :D lol


    Thanks for the list Drmike. :-)

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