Scivee and Jove videos for scientists

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    Scivee[1] and Jove[2] are two web 2.0 services, similar to youtube, that aggregate videos for scientists.

    The first, scivee, is a sort of youtube, where researcher can comment out other articles in the form of a video.

    The second, Jove, is a true scientific journal in which videos represent results of experiments or protocols.

    It would be very useful to be able to embed videos from these sources in blogs.

    Can you please implement this functionality? Thanks :)

    p.s.: here you can find a better description of these videos:




    You might be able to include them in a Vodpod widget in your sidebar; it can accomodate even video formats that itself does not support, so it seems.



    Hi – I’m with Vodpod. Just wanted you to know you can post videos to your blog from 1000s of sites with our browser button. You can get it here (either a Firefox extension, or bookmarklet for IE, Firefox, Safari):

    This works with any site that offers videos with “embed codes” (special code that allows you to post the video to another site or blog). Unfortunately, the two sites listed above don’t provide embed codes for their videos (I’d suggest you contact them and ask them to start offering that).

    If you use the Vodpod sidebar on your blog, you can display videos from thousands of sites there as well. Here’s the link to sign up. Here’s an example of the widget on my blog:

    You can sign up to Vodpod to get the widget here.

    Using both the browser button and the widget work well — you can post videos to your blog, and also keep them in a gallery on the sidebar of your blog.



    Thanks for confirming via the information that you posted above that this is for blogs :)



    there’s a vodpod thread that needs some vodpod assistance:



    Good catch ie. good memory judy :)



    @timethief and @judyb12 — just left a message on the other thread.

    btw, please feel free to direct any problems our way, either to my e-mail (mark AT or to our feedback alias (which goes to all 4 of us): feedback AT we usually respond to problems pretty rapidly.

    also, we have an FAQ section on our blog about the widgets, here are links:
    FAQs —
    Configuring widgets — widget setup —

    We LOVE bloggers and the pods they create, and we’re eager to support the community any way we can.




    thanks for looking at that thread; it’s much appreciated by the bloggers in question, i’m sure.



    Thanks for that, epigonic. Good to know we’re not alone in the WordPressosphere!

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