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    Hi, hoping you can help.

    A post from my blog was copied in full and attributed to another author at this website:

    The site was composed using WordPress, but when I follow url, I can’t determine whether it is hosted at (I’m assuming not “”. How can I determine with certainty that it’s a wordpress hosted site.

    (My original post is

    I’ve sent email to jason@jasoncross. And so far received a reply that he does not know what I am talking about. (Is it possible for websites which are scraping content from blogs to also scrape contact info to leave a false trail?)

    I’m still learning the ropes. Tried reviewing related forum topics but could use some additional input from the old (and very valuable) hands.

    Terry (The Aged Cat)



    Hi Terry, is not hosted at Contact information for the owners of that domain is here:

    Jason cross is probably as much a victim as you.


    Thanks tellyworth. I’ll follow the lead you’ve given me. Probably not much I can do about it.

    I wrote back to jason cross, “if not . . . you might want to know.”

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