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  1. I have one extra item - In my Incoming Links in my Dashboard - I have the following:
    Austin Dwi Lawyer linked here saying, ...

    And under Blog Stats, I have an Incoming Link there and when I click on it - it takes me to the austindwilawyer site.

  2. Folks, please do this - the more valid complaints they receive, the more likely it will stop.

    If you've already complained and they've copied a new post, send a new complaint for that post.

  3. Another one bites the dust! I just clicked on an old link in my incoming links site and saw that it's been removed! Yeah! Another down, a trillion to go.

  4. There are many ways to fight sploggers. You have to be creative. I forgot to mention that yesterday I did a search for Austin DWI Lawyer and found a legitimate site. I left a non-threatening comment on it. Also, I've been prefacing each of my posts with this handy notice (thanks to the Exposing Sploggers site):

    -Copyright © 2008 Exposing Sploggers. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, or posted on, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact [email redacted] so we can take legal action immediately.

    I plan to substitute subsequent violators URL. It's kind of annoying to do this, but I think it has some effect.

  5. jacqueline1230

    so if i click on "remove my site" i've nowmade myself MORE vulnerable?

    SHIT! What to do now?

  6. Where did you click on "remove my site?" Some of those are legit, some are not.

    What can you do now? Run a virus/spyware scan and move on.

  7. The Austin DWI lawyer is finally gone from the links on my dashboard. Hurray! But there's a new one,, that copied an entire post of mine from a couple of days ago. It looks like there is nothing on the site except posts from other blogs (mostly WordPress). All the posts there are "posted by admin" and include a tiny link at the end back to the original post. No ads on the site yet. What kind of deal is this?

  8. It's a blogscraper. Usually they're in it for ad revenue, but not always; and they don't always get the ads up right away. Follow the link tellyworth provided above and good luck with it!

  9. Here's my problem: a blogger, hosted by, is stealing entire articles from Ezine and posting them to his WordPress blog, with no resource box and no links. I have emailed Matt Mullenweg several times, as he is the whois contact for, but have not received an acknowledgement. will not accept my question from the support page, because I am not hosted by This guy is violating copyright law, AND's own terms of service, but I cannot find anyplace on for reporting violations of terms of service.

    Squidoo shut down a plagiarist in less than 12 hours after I reported him. Google even responded to my report in about 48 hours. WordPress is maddeningly (is that a word?) silent. Have any of you had any luck in getting attention from WordPress regarding this issue when the violator is hosted here?

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

  10. Emailing Matt is not going to be effective.

    Since you have a ID, you have two options:

    2) when logged in, go to that blog. Copy the URL of a post it stole from you, then go to your grey admin bar and under Blog Info, hit Report As Spam. Put the info in there, including that link and the link to your original article. That gets staff attention right away.

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