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Scratch pad

  1. accidentalmasturbator

    Is there any form of scratch pad built into WordPress blogs? Somewhere I can jot down ideas without them counting as a blog entry?
    I know I could create a post and just keep it as a Draft, but I've already made the mistake of publishing one of those.

  2. You could set up a (second) private blog and have two tab open so you can switch to the private blog when an idea comes to mind. That way, even if you publish a draft with ideas, only you will see it.

  3. You could set a Post to Private and only you can see it - but there is still the chance of hitting Publish.

  4. The advantage of having a private blog for ideas is that those posts are all in a nice separate list, and if you've given them useful titles you can quickly scan through them to find what you are looking for.

    I used to keep code snippets and random ideas in draft posts, but as the number of posts on my real blog went to many pages of the list of "all posts," it was difficult to find anything—the drafts getting pushed down to page 36…

  5. Also if you use a private, with posts:
    Appearance --> Tools and you will find the "Add this!" bookmarklet, which is really handy if you want to post quick notes to a private blog for notes.

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