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Screen flickering the reloading button

  1. Whenever I go to my blog on Chrome recently, I notice the "reload page" icon start to flicker, like its loading over and over again. I don't see any problem with the page, though, so I thought it a temporary glitch and ignored it. Then I got this from a reader:

    "front page seems to have a bug. The “Read more” button starts to flash upward and downward rapidly after the page loads, and CPU resources are used up quickly. This seems to happen both on Chrome and in IE."

    ANyone else having this problem? Any fixes?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The last time I posted a help ticket in these forums was about three months ago, it never had a single reply and someone eventually closed it. Out of mercy, I suppose. Hoping to have better luck this time around, as the problem hasn't gone away!

  3. Nobody? : (

  4. Yes, someone else reported the same thing yesterday. I flagged that thread for staff attention, and I'll do the same here. They were using a different theme, if I recall.

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