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Screen Shots

  1. I know this may seem like a dumb question to most...but I can not seem to figure this out.
    I am wondering how to make a screen shot appear in a post. I have been having problems getting a certain picture to appear in a post....and I came to thinking of how I could make it appear. So I figured I could take a screen shot of it, and then put the screenshot into the post...but I am having problems doing that too. Don't get me wrong...I know how to take the scrren shot, its the part of getting it onto my post that is the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

  2. When I want a screen shot on my post, I click Print Screen Sys Rq on my keyboard, then paste it on my Windows Paint, crop it to the size I want, and click Save As. Then I upload it at or Get the html code and place it here. Are you uploading it through WordPress or another place?

  3. FAQ here on uploading pictures to space by the way.

  4. Well I originally recieved the foto in an email...but not as an actual attachment, just in the body of the email. I then tried to save it to my computer but for some reason it wont let me open it, or upload it to WordPress. I then managed to get it saved through Windows paint...but then WP won't let me upload that kind of I took your advice, Nosysnoop, and headed to imageshack...where I was able to finally make it appear on my blog...but the sizing was all wrong (too small) I messed around with the different sizes there...where it says "re-size image?" but that didn't seem to make a difference. I am now determined to figure this I think I will fiddle around at imageshack for a little while, to see what I can figure out. Thanks for the help! :) Any more suggestions???? :S

  5. With the image shack code that starts off as < a href, you can make the width less or higher by changing the width number. But if you make the number too high, the image might get blurry.

  6. @ nosysnoop

    Well I managed to make the foto a bit bigger...thanks for all your help, and thanks to the referral to Imageshack....quite the nifty site. Much appreciated!!

  7. Umm, what kind of file is the picture in question? Could you email it to me and I can stick it up somewhere where you can use it if you want.

    theapparatus ( at ) gmail ( at ) com

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