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Screen Shots Mostly -- Suggest a theme

  1. I have a lot of screen shots, that I need some text to describe them. Do you know which theme I should use?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Any theme, except Manifest. Chose theme from theme showcase:

    You can upload one or many images. Give them titles and descriptions. And attach them to a post.

  3. If your screen shots are large, then I would suggest a theme that allows full width - no sidebar options. I use Coraline and it can do this. I set up a separate image page, which is static, and set that page to full width. You can always include captions to you images, regardless of the theme. Most of the newer themes, I believe, support full page widths.

  4. panaghiotisadam

    @wpgaurav: Why any theme except Manifest in particular?

    @mikegps1: You need themes with a wide main column, or possibly (as bhburke said) themes with a no-sidebar option. See here for widths - including the notes:
    See here too:

  5. panaghiotisadam

  6. panaghiotisadam

    So what? The question was which themes are suitable for displaying screenshots. Why should one use the gallery post format for that? (And nine themes out of ten don't even have a gallery format, so if one should use the gallery format, again the right answer wouldn't be "any theme except Manifest", it would be the 15 or so themes that support the format.)

  7. You didn't understand it clearly. Not only in gallery format, but Also in other formats, on attachment pages -- there was not a single word.

  8. It's okay that one can create a post, insert an image and put some text below it to describe. [Sorry for being against manifest theme. It's lovely and charming. :) ]

  9. panaghiotisadam

    I'm quite familiar with how Manifest works, so I understand clearly. Point is, the gallery post format has nothing to do with the OP's question: why on earth would you need anything other than a standard post to display your screenshots?

  10. Hi @PANOS: Mikegps1 said:

    I have a lot of screen shots, that I need some text to describe them.

    Inserting 'a lot of screen shots' means having a gallery. So I replied with 'except Manifest'.
    [I know, you're a guru of themes. And no-one knows more than you about them. I was saying that you "didn't understand" that forums post.]

  11. The Gallery shortcode is not the same as the Gallery post format. One does not have to use the post format to display the shortcode.

    Unless it's been fixed, the trouble with Manifest is that it doesn't display any text at all on attachment pages, Gallery shortcode or no.

    So Manifest can also be included as long as:
    A. You don't use the Gallery post format
    B. Any text describing the screenshot is used in the body of the post and not in the description field on images.

  12. Having said the above, I'd pass over Manifest anyway due to the narrow posting area.

  13. panaghiotisadam

    As Jennifer said, gallery feature doesn't equal or require gallery format. And I don't even agree that "Inserting 'a lot of screen shots' means having a gallery": first, you can insert them as independent images, not as a gallery, and use the readmore tag or the nextpage tag if there many of them in one post; second, we don't even know if the OP means a lot of screenshots in one post, or a lot of posts containing one or a few screenshots each.

  14. @Panos I agree. One can use <!--nextpage--> tag to insert multiple images and one can also insert multiple images using HTML. And also, I understand the difference between [gallery] images and Gallery Post formats. But I'm 100% sure, what ever the format is, you can't have a single line of description with images at their attachment pages in a [gallery].

  15. @justjennifer If you remember, I changed the post format from Gallery to Standard and then to Status ---made content shown on post, but when clicked on individual images, description of the images (some latex formulae) were disappeared.

  16. @wpgaurav-I do remember, and indeed that's what I posted above. No text visible on attachment pages in Manifest. :)

  17. Many pictures are LARGE -- and some are small -- and I want the person looking at the site to easily be able to see the pictures.

    Most of the themes I've tried, cause me problems because the picture is too small, or I can't figure out how to make the (click on pic) blow up the picture.

    A moving target of pictures at the top might be nice.

    Its mostly about pictures. See my link --

  18. I'm just beginner, but this is what I would do. Set up separate pages that have enlarged versions of the pertinent photo. Add a link to the small photo that goes to the enlarged page. Use a mouseover that says "click to enlarge". Of course, don't add these enlarged photo pages to your custom menu, but keep them hidden.
    Another solution would be to cut up the screen shot into pieces and then you can display the enlarged pieces. Which, by judging from your site, might make more sense. Hope this helps you.
    You can expand your page to full width no sidebar, place your widgets in the footer spaces and this will give your more pixels to work with.

  19. Personally I'd use one of the themes that has a single-column for posts (no side panel) and would post the images at about 800ppi width or more (but then if anyone's using dial up they might have problems). Have a look at the themes' filters and hunt for themes with one column. And Panos has a great post on his blog giving the widths of themes which he gave a link to in his comment above.

    Modularity Lite is a good one but has a dark background which might make reading any accompanying text difficult. Chateau has a one-column option and is - or can be - on a light background, which is good, though actually it's not totally full screen width. I'm using that for my two photo and image orientated blogs and find it works very well with 800ppi size images, but it will take larger ones from what I recall. Have a look if you want, the links to them are in my main blog's side panel.

    With one-column themes, the stuff you'd normally have in a side panel is usually in the footer area (bottom of page).

    To get your images to open in a separate window, you just need to edit them to show the link to where the files live and then click 'advanced' to check the 'open in separate window' tab at the bottom there. Here's Panos's post about how to use image links:

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