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  1. When I open, the screen appears as 'reader' and all the blog posts are diminished in size and centered in the middle of the screen and the text is too small to read. The same holds true if I click on 'my blogs' or 'stats'. Only if I pick a blog to read does it then open up in full screen. Wasn't always like that. Suspect I have altered something along the way that caused this. Any help appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It could be a browser setting. Do you know what browser you're using? You could also take a screenshot to show us what you're seeing. If you are not sure how to take a screenshot, here are some instructions on how to do so:

  3. I use Firefox. I only have the problem on my laptop. The desktop computer is fine, so it has to be somehow related to this ones setup.
    I know how to make a screenshot, but don't know how to insert it into this response box. Help.

  4. It's possible that you changed the zoom settings without meaning to. In Firefox, to reset the zoom settings to the default, you can press and hold Ctrl and then press the number 0 to reset the zoom back to the defaults. If you want to make the letters bigger, then press and hold Ctrl and then press +. You can also change the zoom settings from the menu button as shown in this page:

    If that doesn't solve the problem you have. You can upload a screenshot of the problem you're seeing to and then copy and paste the link to the image here.

  5. That solved it. It was the zoom setting and the Ctrl 0 corrected it. I'm one happy camper. Thanks so much for your assistance.

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