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Screencapping advice

  1. I had some fabulous stats yesterday and am trying to take a screencap, but Shift, Print Screen doesn't actually do anything much. I can't just paste that into Paint; it doesn't show up as saved. I can't paste into Word either. I can save it as a PDF, but the actual GRAPH is missing, which sucks, because it looks like a skyscraper on a prairie. Mere numbers don't have that impact. Would this have something to do with me running Adblock Plus? I can see the graph fine on the page, but it just won't show in the PDF. Anyone know a workaround? Any staff care to make a screencap for me? Halp!

  2. I typically just hit print screen (without shift) and then open paint or something with a new blank document and then hit ctrl-v. It's been a while since I mucked with it on Windows.

  3. If I hit it without hitting Shift, I just get Print. I print to PDF and get everything except the graph. It's weird.

  4. I'll screencap whatever you need - email me with the info?

  5. Thanks, will do. Much appreciated!

  6. Jing Project Is great for this (Screen Capture Software)

  7. About Jing project (You tube Video)

    Also Here is a YouTube Video I created showing Jing Project In action
    Jing Project, Capabilities

  8. It might have something to do with the fact that the graph is displayed by Flash. (That shouldn't be a problem, but who knows).

    For the record, on a Mac: command-shift-4, then click and drag over the area you want. It'll save a png file to your desktop.

  9. Thanks, I'm going to bookmark this thread, because it's a handy tool I basically can't use at all right now.

  10. I forgot to mention that Jing will capture the graph.

    Works on Mac & Windows

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