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  1. I can't upload a screenshot on blog. This is much annoying as I am not using it for negative purposes but to mend a problem.
    It says that this file format is not supported and can not be uploaded for security reasons.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it's bit map format then you cannot upload it. It needs to be an image file with one of these accepted file type extensions.
    Troubleshooting images >

  3. If you pasted the screen shot into Gimp then saved with the default Gimp format / extension then that file type is not supported here.

  4. That screenshot is in bitmap format. Any solution please?

  5. I posted the solution above. You have to use image editing software to convert and save the bitmap in an accepted file format.

  6. Ok thanks but I do not have any idea about how to change the format of files.
    Will you recommend any site please?

  7. I got your picture in my gmail. (I was having problems with gmail but solved it now)

    In order to add to your media library, you must use an image editing program like PhotoShop, Elements, or others like Gimp, which is free online (but a bit difficult to use).

    Or try one of these:

    The file must be saved as timethief said:

  8. This is a computer skills issue. I recommend going on the internet and searching for the instructions for convert bitmap to jpeg or convert bitmap to jpeg

  9. It looks like this site will convert online - CAUTION - I have not used it but it looks simple

    Gimp is not too bad for simple and does have some automatic features that work most of the time (sometimes the auto color balance gives strange results) - as you move up from real simple Gimp can be a bit difficult - I use it but sometimes have problems figuring out some of the features - I do only simple things with it, but it is very powerful.

  10. Thanks TT..
    Weren't you surprised to see the screenshot?

  11. @Tess

    I got your picture in my gmail. (I was having problems with gmail but solved it now)

    I'm totally confused. Does that mean you are providing support by email now?

  12. I sent the file to her and she is talking about that.

  13. No, certainly not! She is helping me with my post. And my problem with gmail meant that I wasn't able to read her messages until now.

    Apparently there are some problems with some browsers displaying special characters, including hers. I'm trying to track down a solution.

  14. To be clear, it is not specifically a WordPress issue so not relevant to these forums (except the part about posting a screenshot)

  15. @Tess
    Ah ... displaying special characters ... confusing stuff here. This is not blogging issue per say ie. how to convert images from one format to another is a computer skills issue. The good news is that there are free online image editing programs online that can be used to do this as well as free desk top programs too. :)

  16. I'm doing that online.
    I apologize for my ignorance.

  17. Yes, special characters is what my post is about and all the info I researched seemed to indicate few problems with special characters on newer browsers. But iphonist is an example of one who can't see them. As I said, not an issue for forums.

    The link I gave, to be honest, the only one I've tried is Gimp for online photo editing and found it difficult: a big learning curve. And you are right: this is also not a issue. But lots of times people do want to post screenshots in order to show specific questions. So this seems a legitimate topic to discuss here.

  18. @iphonist1
    You are not ignorant: we all started learning somewhere near the infant stage and progressed from there. You are discovering how to do lots of thingsā€¦

  19. Hi Tess
    I just tried doing this conversion on my PC. I used Paint and it was easy.

  20. Good to know. I don't have Paint on my computer, though at work we do. Other people have used it, though I think it was for personal projects so I haven't paid attention, and it's been so many years since I used it I wasn't sure to recommend it. Good to know.

  21. @tess
    Thanks for your encourage. I found "changing format" one of the most easiest thing to do. I just uploaded it and asked the servers to change the format of it for me which they did in a millisecond.

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