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    1.)I created a second blog for my company — but it seems to be attached to my main blog.
    I want a separate blog. How can I do that.

    2.) I tried to make a donate button. The button was there but no way to make a link.
    3.) Then I created a link — I thought according to directions — but the button and the link don’t work together.

    4.) Oh yeah, I tried to delete the blog — but only deleted the page. Now I read that if I delete the blog I can’t use the address again. So I will go back and try to recreate my info.

    What a mess!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


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    1) Set up another account with an email addy different from the one you used for your first blog. The email address is what identifies you to wordpress so you’ll need a separate email for a separate account. Then follow the instructions here:


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    4) It is true that if you delete a blog, then you cannot use that name again. If you only deleted a page, then take a look in the trash. It should be there unless you selected “delete permanently.”


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    3) Which step of these instructions did you have difficulty with? After you create the button, you must use the code found in Link for Emails.

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