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Screwy Activation

  1. I'm having trouble activating a new blog. I've filled out the form and have received the e-mail (The new blog you requested will be yours once you confirm your reservation. To confirm and start blogging, please click here:

    When I follow the link I get to a page that only shows:
    Want to download WordPress and run it yourself?
    Check out hosts.
    I've tried this multiple times and can only get that page to come up - not the page with the login information.

  2. I don't know why that is happening. It looks fine from here. I sent you email so that we can get your new blog setup. Meanwhile, I'll try to track this down. Thanks for the report.

  3. I'm trying to help someone get a blog set up on and after they told me they had this same issue, I tried it and experienced the same thing.

  4. Might help Ryan and crew if they knew specifics about your setup and what email programs you are using to view the activacation mailing.

    From looking at the activation page, it looks like a simple form that you're not seeing. My guess is your email client is mucking something up with the activiation link. I would try coping and pasting it directly into your browser and seeing if that works.

    Good luck,

  5. Ditto here. I have supposedly set up a new blog, but it doesn't send me a password so I can log in. And it only brings up that one page.

  6. Starry86, please read the post directly above yours. :)

  7. ok. I'm using and I still have no password.

  8. I've tried several differnt things with this. The e-mails are going to a gmail account. I have tried following the link directly from gmail. I've tried copying the link directly to the browser. I've tried going to and then entering the key.

    The friend that is trying to do this (with the same results) is using Outlook. I don't think that she's tried anything other than clicking the e-mail link.

  9. This is what I get for going to sleep. :-)

    I made some changes that will hopefully help. I'm still not sure why some people are consistently getting bad keys. We have thousands of signups a day and a handful of them are breaking.

    Back to the hunt.

  10. That's why I'm wondering if it's an email thing and something's not coming across correctly.

    Oh, sleep? What's that? :)

    -dr(5-6 hours a day. My clients are telling me I need a vacation)mike

  11. Aha! Eureka! Doh!

    I fixed it. For real this time. Having certain punctuation in the blog title triggered the problem. That's why only certain people saw it. Please try again. If I doesn't work this time, I owe everyone a beer. Hmmm, I better go by the cash machine just in case. :-)

  12. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Ryan, could be an expensive round! ;)


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